The Prudent Expert advisers specialize in providing fiduciary services and guidance to corporate retirement plans in an ERISA 3(21) or 3(38) capacity. In today’s market environment, it is extremely challenging for Plan Sponsors to keep abreast of the ever-changing legislation and the associated new reporting requirements governing retirement plans, not to mention the increased pressure of regulatory scrutiny that continues to evolve.

We understand the challenges you are facing and have made it our business to respond accordingly. Our documented processes and systematic approach assist you in satisfying your fiduciary obligations, most often resulting in higher quality investments and lower fees for participants. Our expertise and commitment to excellence helps transform your retirement plan into an attractive retention vehicle for plan participants.

Unlike many other firms, we are not in the business of selling a 401k plan. Our solution can be layered on top of any existing plan and, in most cases, with no interruption in service. We are free of potential conflicts of interest arising from compensation due to offering a consistent pricing model. Our fees are for services provided to the plan and are paid from plan assets through your custodian or directly from the company.

We do not share revenue with fund families leaving us to choose the most appropriate investments for your plan. We are completely indifferent to the choice of plan or provider that you use, but we can help you to identify low cost open architecture 401k plans that will give you greater access to investment choices, including those with lower investment management costs.

Because we work for you, we bring objectivity, transparency, and integrity to providing due diligence services. Like you, we are acting in a fiduciary capacity, and thus, you can expect from us the same care, diligence, and prudence, in the consultations that we provide to you, that your employees expect from you in the plan that you provide for them.

At the end of the day our goal is to provide your participants with comfort and a larger nest egg. We are “Your Retirement Experts” and this is our job,    We can help