The Prudent Expert believes that an Investment Professional is vital to the success of a 401(k) Plan. Our partnership model makes us more than just a solution, but rather an effective partner who has the expertise, quality and responsiveness to enhance your value.

We are an objective partner and trusted advisor providing convenience and peace of mind while understanding your goals and delivering practical, customized solutions.

We believe in the integrity and success of our Advisor driven model, which has made us one of the top consulting firms. We offer you the flexibility of a fee for service model that can be paid out of plan assets or directly from the company to adhere to your client’s needs.

Sales Proposals and Presentations:

The Prudent Expert will obtain proposals from multiple vendors and assist you with product, service and investment platform differences. We can offer onsite assistance with sales presentations at your request.

Plan Installation Services:

The Prudent Expert provides comprehensive support with the setup and installation stages of new and takeover plans assigning a conversion coordinator to each new case. The Prudent Expert conversion coordinator provides assistance with the required paperwork, collection of information, plan implementation, procedures, and communication activities.

Enrollment Presentations and Support:

We provide all necessary materials including but not limited to power point presentations, enrollment kits, sign in sheets, education kits, etc. We are also one call away from offering you on-site support if you prefer us to assist you in the meeting.

Investment Reviews:

We provide all necessary materials including, but not limited to, investment analysis, presentations, investment committee documents, investment guidance and selection, your personalized kit, etc.

Fiduciary Support:

You and your client will have access to our secure website holding all fiduciary documentation obtained.

  • Plan design evaluation
  • Benchmarking administrative costs
  • Benchmarking investment costs
  • Investment committee documentation
  • IPS (investment policy statement)
  • Minimum investment criteria and documentation
  • Education materials and Sign in sheets

Client Seminars:

The Prudent Expert offers assistance with client seminars that address pertinent retirement plan issues of concern to employers, including fiduciary responsibility, understanding plan costs, creative plan design concepts and the impact of the Pension Protection Act.

We demonstrate our commitment by meeting the following standards:

  • Continual evaluation of record keeping platforms
  • Quality investment platforms
  • Effective interface with client and vendor
  • Industry-leading communication and education tools
  • Ongoing investment in technology
  • Fiduciary tools and support
  • State-of-the-art Fiduciary storage
  • Established, dependable advisor support
  • Reasonable cost and clarity of disclosure